For a documentation of the variables, please look at the documentation of ProfileInterface

class pyhafas.profile.db.DBProfile(ua='pyhafas')[source]

Bases: pyhafas.profile.base.BaseProfile

Profile of the HaFAS of Deutsche Bahn (DB) - German Railway - Regional and long-distance trains throughout Germany

addChecksum: bool = True
availableProducts: Dict[str, List[int]] = {'bus': [32], 'ferry': [64], 'long_distance': [2], 'long_distance_express': [1], 'regional': [8], 'regional_express': [4], 'suburban': [16], 'subway': [128], 'taxi': [512], 'tram': [256]}
baseUrl: str = 'https://reiseauskunft.bahn.de/bin/mgate.exe'
defaultProducts: List[str] = ['long_distance_express', 'long_distance', 'regional_express', 'regional', 'suburban', 'bus', 'ferry', 'subway', 'tram', 'taxi']
defaultUserAgent: str = 'DB Navigator/19.10.04 (iPhone; iOS 13.1.2; Scale/2.00)'
locale: str = 'de-DE'
requestBody: dict = {'auth': {'aid': 'n91dB8Z77MLdoR0K', 'type': 'AID'}, 'client': {'id': 'DB', 'name': 'DB Navigator', 'type': 'IPH', 'v': '16040000'}, 'ext': 'DB.R19.04.a', 'ver': '1.16'}
salt: str = 'bdI8UVj40K5fvxwf'
timezone: datetime.tzinfo = <DstTzInfo 'Europe/Berlin' LMT+0:53:00 STD>