Code Structure

Classes and methods

pyHaFAS is built object-orientated with a lot of classes. You may know already the HafasClient and the profileG classes but there a lot more classes for internal use only. For example the BaseProfile class consists among others of BaseRequestHelper, BaseJourneyRequest and very important the ProfileInterface

Every class in a profileG has an interface that defines abstract methods that the profile class must implement.

A more detailed view of the construction of a profileG is given on the page Profile (Developer).

File Structure

pyHaFAS’s code is split in multiple files. These files are sorted as shown in the structure below.

  • /pyhafas - base directory of source code

    • profile - contains the profiles (every subdirectory should have the same structure as base)

      • interfaces - contains all abstract classes

      • base - Base profile - contains the default handling classes and methods

        • - contains the Profile

        • helper - contains helper functions that are used by multiple requests

        • mappings - contains mapping Enum classes

        • requests - contains code responsible for requests (there is a file for each request-type containing all methods belonging to it)

      • PROFILENAME - contains the files for the profile (only files and directories with changes)

    • types - Base directory of all types valid for all profiles

      • - exceptions pyHaFAS can raise

      • - most of the types important for pyHaFAS

      • - contains the HafasRepsonse class

    • - contains the HafasClient